We asked Claudia La Rocco to be our writer-in-residence because: a) she’s as much of an artist as she is a critic, b) her critical faculties combined with her poetic voice make for compelling reading, c) we hope the vivaciousness she exemplifies in her watching and responding can inspire others, and d) we wanted to hang out with her more.

While the parameters of the gig are a bit open-ended, we suspect she will pen a few thought pieces on extraterrestrial subjects, weave poetry and text into the fabric of our physical and virtual spaces, and organize performative duets and/or wrestling matches with visiting and local artists. Maybe she’ll read a little, too, or maybe she’ll only make root beer floats (although she hates root beer so probably not).

WORKSHOP: Creative Differences with Claudia La Rocco
Mar 6, 2016 | A two and a half hour workshop focusing on performance criticism. Space is limited, RSVP's required. RSVP'S and More Info.

POEM this girl who


AUDIOGUIDE – I Gave You My Attention

AUDIOGUIDE - Just Go For It, Go For It – on Findlay//Sandsmark


Claudia La Rocco is the author of The Best Most Useless Dress (Badlands Unlimited), selected poetry, performance texts, images and criticism, and the novel petit cadeau, which was published by The Chocolate Factory Theater as a print edition of one and a four-day, interdisciplinary live edition. She edited I Donʼt Poem: An Anthology of Painters (Off the Park Press) and Dancers, Buildings and People in the Streets, the catalogue for Danspace Projectʼs PLATFORM 2015, which she curated. She has been presented by The Walker Art Center, The Kitchen, The Whitney Museum of American Art, et al., and is also the first writer-in-residence at On the Boards theater in Seattle. She is a columnist for ARTFORUM and a contributing editor to Emergency Index (Ugly Duckling Presse). Her collaborators include the choreographer Michelle Ellsworth, the performance company Findlay//Sandsmark and the musician/composer Phillip Greenlief, with whom she is animals & giraffes.