Soundscapes Jan 26, 2019

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Sat, Jan 26

5 pm - 11 pm

Capacity: 200

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Join us for an immersive evening of sound art, featuring sonic works by a diverse selection of Northwest-based artists. For six hours, our lobby & Studio Theater spaces will be transformed by a range of auditory & musical experimentations, with audiences free to come and go throughout the event. The evening’s line-up includes a cross-section of regional sound artists, musicians, and composers, including Chloe Alexandra Thompson (PDX), Nico Tower (Seattle), Benjamin Hunter, Felisha Ledesma (PDX), Holland Andrews (PDX), and DJ REVEREND DOLLARS (Seattle). Our lobby bar will be open for the duration of the event. 

Soundscapes Lineup

In the Studio Theater 

5:00-5:45pm Holland Andrews

6:00-6:30pm Chloe Thompson

7:00-7:45pm Nico Tower

8:00-8:45pm Felisha Ledesma

9:00-9:45pm Ben Hunter

In the Lobby

5:00 pm-5:30 pm  Nico Tower

9:00-11:00 pm REVEREND DOLLARS


About the Artists

Reality has offered a fertile canvas for violinist, storyteller, educator and community enterpriser Benjamin Hunter’s endeavoring mind. Cross pollinating multiple artistic disciplines for more than a decade, the Seattle based polymath has dedicated his life to transforming the world’s stale status quo into a vibrant, inclusive, communal, and compassionate society. Hunter’s first tool was the violin accompanying him on laps around the world. Playing since age 5, he was fortunate to travel the world and absorb various musical styles at a young age. Receiving his degree in Performance Violin, with keen interest in politics and philosophy, Hunter set his sights on the intersection between art, community, and a rapidly evolving clash of culture. The multi-disciplinarians latest adventure has taken him to the stage as composer and musical director and cast-mate in acclaimed director Dani Tirrell’s Black Bois. The incomparable performance art piece explores and shakes to the foundation the concept of Black masculinity, suffering, and ultimate triumph. The piece helped Hunter destroy toxic stereotypes still assaulting America’s “unwanted step-children.”

Nico Tower is an intermedia artist with a thirst for the unknown.  Educated in multimedia design, she works with graphics, photography, video, and lighting design in tandem with her music and dance practices. Over the past seventeen years, Tower has released ten albums and performed in more than 40 cities across the US. This SeattleDances 2018 Dance Crush Award recipient, has scored more than 50 contemporary dance works, appearing in every major dance festival in Washington state. Her works with collaborator Maya Soto have received support from 4Culture, Office or Arts and Culture, Cornish College of the Arts, and Velocity Dance Center in partnership with 10 Degrees.

Chloe Alexandra Thompson is a Canadian, Cree, artist and curator, living and working in Portland, Oregon. Using Pure Data, Arduino, hardware and voice, Thompson creates unique sonic experiences and expressions through the spatialization of isolated frequencies. Thompson’s work has been shown at Corridor (Seattle), Quiet City (Vancouver, Canada), The Wiltern (LA), Qubit (New York), Panoply Performance Lab (New York), Wayward Concert Series (Seattle), Subharmonic: Sonic Arts Symposium (PICA), Sl*t Island (Montreal, Canada), Littman and White Galleries, Variform Gallery, Compliance Division, Open Signal, Bronco Gallery, and PCC. She has also presented in collaborations for Converge45, Disjecta, Out of Sight (Seattle), PICA T:BA:17, PICA T:BA:16, and Nationale. Thompson has given lectures and facilitated workshops as a part of T:BA:17 Institute in dialogue with Tanya Tagaq, Subharmonic: Sonic Arts Symposium (PICA) with France Jobin, PNCA, PSU, Open Signal, and home school pdx. Thompson’s written work has also been been released through Art in America, Zero Cool, Provision, Cig Thesis, and Blankstairs.

Holland Andrews is an extended technique vocalist, composer, and performer based in Portland, OR who combines delicate vocal layerings to create dissonant and cinematic soundscapes. Andrews is a musician whose influences include contemporary opera, musical theater, as well as experimental genres such as ambient and noise music. Holland also performs under the stage name, Like a Villain. In addition to creating solo work, Andrews also collaborates with artists for dance, theater, and film. Their vocal stylings traverse a vast terrain of textures ranging from opera to distorted vocalizations. Andrews’ composition style is marked by the multitude of dense vocal layers and textures used to weave together a sprawling emotional tapestry to command space for both discord and intimacy. Andrews received recognition from the New York Times, Le Monde, La Republica, etc., and continues to tour festivals worldwide. Holland Andrews is currently based in Portland, OR.

Felisha Ledesma is an interdisciplinary artist and organizer based in Portland, Oregon. Ledesma is the Director of S1, an artist run space that focuses on experimental sound, critical contemporary art, and non-traditional education. Felisha co-founded the Synth Library - a low-cost resource for hands-on access to synthesizers, DJ gear, recording equipment and other electronic instruments for people of all experience levels. She has been exploring field recording and tape collage, modular synths, and the sound of secrets. 

REVEREND DOLLARS (Renee Jarreau Greene) is a Seattle-based DJ and producer who is the founder of the Darqness Seattle Queer and Trans People of Color Arts Collective, as well as a member of the TUF and BabexHouse collectives. Her work focuses on bringing together marginalized Black, Trans, Queer, and People of Color communities through the mediums of music and dance with energetic DJ sets known for club, house and hiphop beats played at a frenetic pace. After a series of EPs dating back to 2011, she is currently working on her latest project WHEN THE GIRLS ARE FREE as well as a collaboration with vocalist Jazz Goldman called JAZZ/REV.