Fox Whitney | Gender Tender

Melted Riot Jun 21, 2020 to Jun 28, 2020

Live Event Passed
You can watch the MELTED RIOT: CHROMATIC performative meditation by click the video above!

The week-long Melted Riot digital residency will culminate with an hour-long performance featuring past, present and future Gender Tender collaborators and YOU, in an engaged meditation experiment on Zoom. 

During this hour-long event, a kaleidoscope of Gender Tender collaborators will respond to structured meditative prompts from Fox Whitney. And for those that signed up to participate through Zoom as an audience member, your video and audio will not be on, but you will have the opportunity to participate in this experience by messaging the artists through the chat feature during this event. If you did not sign up to participate, you can still watch the live performance on YouTube!

This event is intended to hold space for queer and transgender people, our lovers, our friends, our families chosen or otherwise, and our advocates and allies to softly question the commodification of Pride. To safely grieve and express rage and sorrow over so many lost to violence, to rest and recharge our spirits, and celebrate our loved ones that are still here. 
Pride weekend is the most well known LGBTQ+ holiday and was originally intended to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of 1969 as a pivotal moment in the fight for civil liberties for QTBIPOC. Fox and Gender Tender collaborators believe this weekend was, and still is, a reason to REST and RIOT towards creating the queer future we want and need.

“I continue to grapple with my own history with abuses of power and the exacerbated state of oppression for queer, transgender, black, brown, indigenous and or mixed  people during the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter revolution. In creatively investigating and embodying the wide rainbow like spectrum of possibilities in the ideas of rest and rebellion, support and sabotage I wonder if we can transform landscapes full of terror, detachment and confusion into possibilities for connection, freedom and love.” - Fox Whitney, Artist-in-Residence





relating to or using notes not belonging to the diatonic scale of the key in which a passage is written.

(of a scale) ascending or descending by semitones.

(of an instrument) able to play all the notes of the chromatic scale.

"the master of the chromatic harmonica"

2. relating to or produced by color.

A Digital Residency with Fox Whitney | Gender Tender
June 21 - 27 on On the Boards' Instagram Live, 7pm PDT


"When everything seems destined to keep us apart, I believe we must find new ways to be together, especially when isolation threatens to defeat our spirits." - Fox Whitney, Artist-in-Residence

Join On the Boards Artist-in-Residence Fox Whitney | Gender Tender in research based on the colors of the rainbow Pride flag: ROYGBIV. This digital residency arose from conversations about what it means to be an Artist-in-Residence with an arts organization whose building is closed because of a global pandemic.

“We began gathering on Zoom with all the Artists-in-Residence talking about what they needed, how we could provide support to their artistic practice during this pandemic, and listening to what they were feeling and going through at this moment.” - Rachel Cook, Artistic Director

This week-long digital residency will be a surreal protest song, a queer meditation, a psychedelic research project, a punk prayer. MELTED RIOT uses tactics rooted in dance, durational performance and visual art to investigate the effects that peaceful and violent forms of protest have had on the bodies, minds and spirits of the transgender and queer community.

MELTED RIOT softens the word riot (a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd) and replaces the word VIOLENT with: somatic, satirical, surreal, and psychedelic. Fox’s work will feature an isolated crowd of socially distant voices, bodies and sculptural interventions coming together to reflect on the past, the unstable present and the opaque future.

Viewers at home will be saturated in Fox’s rebellious version of tableau vivant practices (recreating artworks with living people) that move beyond classical painting into photography, video and installation. Drawing from photographs taken during the Stonewall Riots of 1969 and images from other queer protest actions, the anonymous past will be abstractly re-enacted using psychedelic visuals, movement research and vocal performance.  

Miss the live meditations on our Instagram? Check back here to watch them!

· June 21 (R)

· June 22 (O)

· June 23 (Y)

· June 24 (G)

· June 25 (B)

· June 26 (I)

· June 27 (V)

Here is how you can stay involved:

· Sign up here to receive a daily meditation practice from Fox Whitney 

· Watch Fox Whitney and participating artists on On the Boards Instagram Live June 21-27 at 7pm PDT

· Connect with Fox | Gender Tender on their Instagram Live on June 25 at 5pm PDT and June 28 at 1pm PDT for a chance to connect during the residency

· Sign up here to participate in the hour-long performative meditation, Melted Riot: Chromatic on June 28 at 7pm PDT

· Check out the Gender Tender website to learn more about Fox Whitney and his other work

Some questions Fox and his collaborators are researching/exploring during this digital residency:

· What can we do in the midst of a crisis when we can’t hold each other’s hands?

· How can we stay connected during a global pandemic that is taking a toll similar to the HIV/AIDS crisis at its onset?

· How do we grapple with a murky and violent past?

· How can we make space for a myriad of possibilities? For optimism?

· How can we transition, transform, survive?

About the Artist:

Fox Whitney
Fox Whitney (he/him) is the architect/choreographer behind Gender Tender, an interdisciplinary performance project based in Seattle that centers his queer and transgender point of view. He creates experiences that investigate the nature of queer relationships, trans histories and the surreal nature of transformation and center his queer black mixed transgender point of view. Gender Tender engages a team of artists trained in Fox’s unique methods modeled on sports teams, cults, sitcoms and riots. He has performed in work by Morgan Thorson, Gabrielle Civil, Vladimir Kremenović, Keyon Gaskin and Malic Amalya. His most recent project MELTED RIOT, a queer meditation inspired by the Stonewall Riots of 1969 was presented by Velocity Dance Center on the 50th anniversary of the riots in 2019.

About the Participating Artists:

Will Courtney
Will Courtney is a transgender artist and a Gender Tender all-star. She was the first performer Fox invited to dance with him for Gender Tender research and development when it all started in 2012. Will has been a lead performer for many GT projects and after the first few years of performing began to expand her role in GT working with Fox as an artistic consultant, rehearsal director and producer ($$$) for GT performances. As a performance duo, Fox and Will gleefully mine the blurry line separating their personal relationship and their very queer performance chemistry.

Loren Othón
Loren Othón is a multidisciplinary artist based in Seattle. Born and raised in Panama, Loren creates work that reflects her queer, multiracial identity, and is intimate, relational, and expressionistic.  She is keenly interested in the notion of home, belonging, transience, and our relationship to space. Loren has been fortunate enough to work and collaborate with Gender Tender since 2013. 

Hexe Fey
Hexe Fey is a movement student, retired street medic, experimental digital artist, transgender, gay, and confused. Creator of the video game "Cursed Task", about the eternal struggle of writing a bio.

Hendri Walujo
Hendri likes rainbows, waterfalls and making people smile/feel. He hopes to continue to move with grace and fierceness in the gender tender way. More at  Peace & Justice.

Emily Batlan
Emily Batlan has performed in Seattle for over two decades in theater, physical theater/comedy, interdisciplinary performance and Butoh. She has appeared in theater productions with Alice B. Theater, Annex Theater, Seattle Mime Theater, and Seattle Public Theater. Her solo work has been presented at On The Boards (12 Max and NW New Works) and was producing member and co-Emcee of House of Dames Late Night Cabaret at On The Boards (Washington Hall). She has been a contributor to STANCE, Velocity’s Journal of Choreographic Culture and Yellow Fish Durational Performance Festival. Most recently Emily has performed in original works by Fox Whitney, Vanessa Dewolf, Diana Garcia-Snyder, Erica Howard, and Kris Wheeler.

Wryly T. McCutchen
Wryly T. McCutchen is a hybrid writer, interdisciplinary performer, community educator, & 2018 LAMBDA Fellow in poetry. Their work has appeared in Foglifter, Papeachu Review, & Nat. Brut. Wryly earned a dual genre MFA in creative nonfiction & poetry from Antioch University Los Angeles & teaches writing at Hugo House. Their debut poetry collection, My Ugly and Other Love Snarls, was published in 2017 by University of Hell press. Wryly resides in the unceded Coast Salish territories where they cast spells in text & flesh & sweat.

HATLO is a queer process babe, generative co-conspirator and theater wildcat who creates and facilitates new performance. Their collaborative work includes directing, dramaturgical support, writing, performing and curation. Frequent and ongoing collaborators include: Shontina Vernon, MJ Kaufman, Markeith Wiley, Fox Whitney/Gender Tender, MKNZ, Mel Carter, and Timothy White Eagle. HATLO is committed to using their life and artistic practice to be part of the collective creation of queer futures that end white supremacy and abolish the police.

Minna Lee
Minna Lee (they/them/she/her) is a Hmong-Vietnamese American theatre artist based in Seattle, WA. She is an Ensemble Member at Washington Ensemble Theatre and the Marketing Coordinator at Theatre Off Jackson. She recently read "Temporary" by Hillary Leichter and LOVED IT. Support the Black Trans Travel Fund --> (Venmo: @BlackTransTravelFund, Cashapp: $BlackTransTravelFund).

Neve Kamilah Mazique-Ricardi 
NEVE (they/he) is a Disabled multigender femme fop mixed race Black African Choreographer/Dancer, Composer/Singer, Writer/Actor, Painter/Model, Hoodoo Voodoo Magician and Performance Artist based in Unceded Coast Salish Territories. Levar Burton Lover. Great Great Grandchild of the Author of The Velveteen Rabbit. 2020/21 Pina Bausch Fellow for Dance and Choreography. Anarchist, Abolitionist, AntiCapitalist. Unitarian Universalist. Vodouisant. Cofounder of Access-Centered Movement, #newmoonmovienight, Mouthwater, and the Lover of Low Creatures Club. #myBlacktransdisabledlifematters

Follow him and support them on: Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Patreon, Facebook, Youtube  | @nevebebad |

Artist Assistants (home tech and melted pride event):

Will Courtney (ROYGBIV home tech assistant

Ariel Burke (melted riot: chromatic artist)
Ariel Burke (she/her, REL), is a Seattle based performer weaving in, out and around acting, movement, improv, writing and music. She has performed for Gender Tender/Fox Whitney, General Magic, Theater of Change-University of Washington, Engaged Theater and has had artist residencies at Studio Current and Shoutpouch Creek. She is a founding member and frontwoman/screamer in a post-punk band, Rachaels Children.

Vanessa DeWolf (melted riot: chromatic artist)
Vanessa DeWolf is a poetic improviser and post-disciplinary artist who has worked in Seattle since the 1990's.  Vanessa has a deep commitment to peer-review & peer-dialog and cultural change happening with the culture makers.  She founded Studio Current in 2006 as a place that values process over product, and insists on community dialog in an artist-driven environment.  In the fall of 2019 she will be restoring The Field-Seattle, a peer-review organization, for artists seeking rich/reflective/supportive feedback in the midst of their creative process.  She is also a maker of poetic scores and unrehearsed ensembles, as well as embodied solos that engage intersections of words, body, impulse, and objects.  She frequently collaborates with Paige Barnes, Fox Whitney, and Joyce Liao and many others.  In 2019 she launched her newest endeavor PLASTIQARTS●CREATIVE---Services for your creative process. For more info about creative mucking-about and consultations email: