Michelle Ellsworth

Clytigation #1, #2, #3, & #4 Mar 12, 2015 to Mar 14, 2015

Photo by Michelle Ellsworth

$15 for Clytigation #3 • WAIT LIST ONLY Studio Theater

TICKETS FOR CLYTIGATION #3 WAIT LIST ONLY. Call the Box Office at 206.217.9888 day-of-show to be placed on the waiting list.

How does environment influence performance? Fiercely intelligent polymath Michelle Ellsworth answers the question in a series of performances investigating the plight of a modern-day Clytemnestra. Each performance uniquely utilizes Ellsworth’s unmistakable mix of technological trickery and lighting-speed narration underscored with humor and physicality.

Three of the four performances are part of our season-long programming and take place in various locations: Clytigation #1 in an alternative performance space; Clytigation #2 for an intimate audience; and Clytigation #4 lets you create your own performance environment with a website that generates choreography.

CLYTIGATION #1 | Nov 24, 2014
On November 24, 2014, Ellsworth performed Clytigation #1 at the Mediterranean Inn Hotel with dancer Zoe Scofleld. The work explored corn based hotel accoutrements, surveillance, and ancient community bathroom rituals. CLICK HERE FOR IMAGES.

In Clytigation #2  aka "The Libation Bearer” Ellsworth attempts to deliver what is required to escape the consequences of her bad choices. Because punishment is very difficult to avoid (especially in a 4’X4’X7’ box), “The Libation Bearer” will only be performed for three people who meet the criteria for redemption (one at time). The application deadline was Monday Mar 2, 2015 at 11:11pm. Selected participants will be notified by Thursday Mar 5, 2015 at 11:11pm. CLICK HERE FOR IMAGES OF THE LIBATION BEARER

CLYTIGATION #3Mar 12 - 14, 2015 | 8pm | WAIT LIST ONLY
Ellsworth continues her obsessions with Greek myth, feminism, US politics, the body, surveillance, and technological trickery with Clytigation #3. Three performances in the OtB studio theater. The performances take place in an ingenious contraption built by Ellsworth, two 4’x4’7’ boxes viewable from all sides incorporating projections, live performance, and green screen technology. Meant to be viewed by no more than 50 people, the video projections are triggered by audience members (via typewriter keys, slot machine arms, and other methods) who view the box from all sides, ensuring that each performance and viewing perspective will be completely different. All performances are infused with Ellworth’s nervous energy, fierce intelligence, humor, and wit. Scenarios shift at lightning speed, incorporating the plight of a modern-day Clytemnestra struggling to exist in post 9/11 paranoia.

In addition to the three intimate studio performances, Ellsworth will also present three one-on-one custom-made shows for three specially invited audience members.

CLYTIGATION #4 | choreographygenerator.org
For Clytigation #4, Ellsworth created her Choreography Generator, an interactive website that allows the user to generate their own choreographic sequence. 

For more information on Michelle's performances, watch the website and sign up for our e-news to track performance progress.

MICHELLE ELLSWORTH is a dancer, educator, and media artist who makes solo performance work, performable websites, drawings, and videos. She is a 2013 Creative Capital Grantee and a 2011 United States Artists Knight Fellow. Her work concentrates on media, the body, and contemporary politics, with a healthy dose of humor and endearing neuroticism. Ellsworth was last seen at OtB in 2012 with Phone Homer.

Clytigation #1, #2, #3, & #4 were supported through OtB’s Performance Production Program.