Virtually Spectacular: MARS PERSEVERANCE    May 20, 2021


Virtually Spectacular: MARS | PERSEVERANCE   
On the Boards’ biggest fundraiser of the year is now on the internet and in outer space! 
Join our quest to raise $80,000 for fearless art and ideas


Mission Name: Virtually Spectacular: MARS | PERSEVERANCE   
Rover Name: On the Boards 
Launch: May 20, 2021, 7pm PT 
Main Job
: Seeking signs of ancient and future life and bringing forth new worlds.

The last year presented numerous challenges. We have all been called upon to develop creative problem solving, teamwork, and new kinds of determination- PERSEVERANCE. On the Boards has taken this chaotic opportunity to explore, create new worlds, and seek places beyond the Moon. On May 20 at 7pm PT you can join host Angela Garbes for an unearthly fundraising extravaganza. 

Join us in the vast and substantial world outside our own.

With performances from:

Timothy White Eagle

Erin Markey

Check back soon and check back often, as we bring you some exciting updates on how this event will unfold.


For Virtually Spectacular: MARS | PERSEVERANCE we will partner with local chefs to create a Studio Supper Auction extravaganza.

From May 13 to May 20, those in the Seattle area, will be able to place a bid on one (or all) of the exclusive dinner packages from the culinarians list below:

We are also partner with Jodi Rockwell to offer some lovely ceramic tablewear to compliment your dinner.


The 2021 Virtually Spectacular: MARS | PERSEVERANCE host committee includes:

Gina Broze, Scotty Cayton, Tova Cubert, Alyza DelPan-Monley, John Hoedemaker, Davora Lindner, Kate Murphy, Lance Neely, Jennifer Roberts, David Taft, Keith Wagner