Solo: A Festival of Dance
Feb 20 - 23, 2020

TICKETS Merrill Theater

"I am super excited to work with On the Boards again and build on our relationship. This solo festival I am curious to see how artists can imagine space that is not a traditional stage and what does performance look like for them." - Dani Tirrell

Thu, Feb 20, 8 PM
Fri, Feb 21, 8 PM
Sat, Feb 22, 8 PM
Sun, Feb 23, 5 PM


12 remarkable artists in inquisitive and personal performance

Solo: A Festival of Dance is a one-of-a-kind weekend long exploration of the solo as self-expression; we invite you to explore this integral part of dance creation.  The 2020 Festival will feature an evening length program that includes trail blazing performances from five internationally recognized artists.

Merrill Artists: Jade Solomon Curtis, Allie Hankins, jumatatu m. poe, Adrienne Truscott, and Mariana Valencia.

In addition to the evening shows, there will be free site responsive durational performances happening throughout the building from seven local artists two hours before the evening shows on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. These programs have been co-curated by Dani Tirrell, a Black, Queer, Gender Non-Conforming movement-based artist, and will explore how the architecture of On the Boards informs making dance.

On the Boards will also be hosting a Friday evening artist conversation between Randy Ford and jumatatu m. poe, and a Saturday afternoon screening of an Masterclass by Dani Tirrell and Zoe Scofield.

Durational Solo Exploration Artists: Anna Banana Freeze, Laura Carella, Carlin Kramer, Michael O'Neal Jr. (Majinn), Noelle Price, Zoe Scofield and Emma Wheeler.

More festival schedule information below.


Click to learn more about the 2020 Solo Merrill Artists and their solo performances: 

Jade Solomon Curtis 


Allie Hankins


jumatatu m. poe 


Adrienne Truscott 


Mariana Valencia 

2020 Festival Schedule 


Thursday, February 20

7:00pm Doors open

8:00pm Festival Performance (Merrill Theater)


Friday, February 21

5:00pm The Living Room with Randy Ford, Dani Tirrell and special guest jumatatu m. poe. (Merrill Lobby) (free program!)

6:00 pm Durational Site Responsive Performances (Full Building) (free program!)

8:00pm Festival Performance (Merrill Theater)


Saturday, February 22 

3:00pm Film Screening (Studio Theater)

Screening of Dani Tirrell and Zoe Scofield Masterclass for (free program!)

6:00pm Durational Site Responsive Performances (Full Building) (free program!)

8:00pm Festival Performance (Merrill Theater)

10:00pm Late Night DJ/Party + Full Bar (Studio Theater)


Sunday, February 23 

3:00pm Durational Site Responsive Performances (Full Building) (free program!)

5:00pm Festival Performance (Merrill Theater)

Photo: Dani Tirrell, Kitchen Session, presented by CD Forum at SAM curated by Imani Sims