Julie Andrée T.

May 3 - 6, 2012

Julie Andrée T.

$25 • Buy Tickets Merrill Wright Mainstage Theater

Performance Prospectus: A complete guide to Rouge [PDF]

“What she does on stage had me, hours after the show [...] saying, ‘Listen to what I just saw; you won't believe it; brace yourself — it sounds crazy but it's awesome.' " - The Hour (Montreal)

Poetry, silliness and chaos come together in this quintessentially OtB performance. Quebecois artist Julie Andrée T. creates a beautiful monochromatic mess as she investigates the red using a chest full of objects, five little words and just the one color. This visual, sonic and occasionally absurd landscape displays all nuances of the color of blood, emotion, revolution, desire, love and shame.

Julie Andrée T. combines dialogue, visuals and action into her own unique brand of performance that lies somewhere between theater, movement and installation. She has collaborated with internationally renowned artists such as Xavier Le Roy and Benoit Lachambre in addition to creating her own works. Rouge has been presented widely around Canada and France, and will be seen for the first time in the US in Seattle. Julie Andrée T. will be accompanied in Seattle with her long-time collaborators Technical Director Jean Antoine Jauvin, Sound Technician Laurent Michel Maslé, and General Manager and Producer Marie-Andrée Gougeon.