Michelle Ellsworth

Phone Homer
Mar 15 - 18, 2012

$25 • Buy Tickets Merrill Wright Mainstage Theater

"artistically wild, scientifically accurate movement/theater..." - The Denver Post

Performance Prospectus: A complete guide to Phone Homer [PDF]

Noted video and performing artist Michelle Ellsworth unleashes a one woman, multimedia portrayal of Clytemnestra, the woman left behind as her husband Agamemnon serves as leader of the Greeks in Troy. In Phone Homer she uses series of instructional videos, Skype calls with characters from The Iliad, a kinetic alphabet modeled after the Kinect, hamburger sacrifices, and an entire internet constructed specifically for this show to interpret this mythic character. This world premiere is informed by years of Ellsworth’s research, including the creation of a dress that can solve problems, performable websites, and tools for coping with the obsolescence of the Y-chromosome.

The recent recipient of a prestigious fellowship from United States Artists honoring leading artists nationally, Ellsworth uses text and movement as a foundation to weave together her signature wit, humor and inquisitiveness. She is noted for her prolific video art, which has included a series of tailor-made motivational videos and as the OntheBoards.tv artist in residence. Her work has been seen throughout the US, including her 2005 work at OtB The Monkey Saddle and ED: The Word Made Dress. She is currently Assistant Professor in Dance at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Phone Homer was commissioned and supported through On the Boards' Dance Production Program.

To celebrate the opening night we’ll be giving the first 100 people through the door a FREE Dick’s burger with their ticket. So snag your tickets and plan to head to OtB on Thursday, March 15.