Temporary Distortion

Nov 17 - 20, 2011

Temporary Distortion

$25 • Buy Tickets Merrill Wright Mainstage Theater

Performance Prospectus: A complete guide to Newyorkland [PDF]

An assemblage of film, performance and visual art, Newyorkland follows 4 police officers struggling with the demands of their chosen profession and the high costs of working within the fraternal and secretive society of the NYPD. Inspired by the gritty cop movies of the 1970s, popular TV police procedurals and real-life cop stories, the production is staged in one of Temporary Distortion’s signature box-like structures. This installation serves as a framework for both the ensemble’s uniquely restrained acting style and as a canvas for its intricate and gorgeous video.

Steadily gaining recognition and critical acclaim through international touring over the past 3 years, Temporary Distortion was one of the first companies featured at OntheBoards.tv. Led by longtime collaborators Kenneth Collins (director) and William Cusick (video artist), this production is the third installment in a series of theater pieces exploring film genres as a way to bridge the gap between theater and cinema. Newyorkland follows Welcome to Nowhere (bullet hole road) (2007), a deconstruction of the American road movie, and Americana Kamikaze (2009), the company’s western-infused translation of Japanese horror.