Co-curated by Matt Aguayo & Charles Smith

Dec 11: Performance Lab: Uncanny Cabaret Dec 11, 2019


Wed, Dec 11, 8 PM

A post-binary performance for the glamorous, the outrageous, and the utterly sublime.  

Hosted by iconoclastic co-curator, Matt Aguayo (Angel Baby Kill Kill Kill), this Performance Lab will transform OtB’s Studio Theater into a cabaret space presenting drag, dance, burlesque, lip sync, and spoken word. Unruly, uninhibited, and radical this is a Performance Lab one you don’t want to miss. 

Participating Artists

Lesbian Death Bed 

Lesbian Death Bed is a collaboration between Hanna Hofmann and Laura Aschoff. This partnership has grown from a 10 year long queer, platonic love. Through a performance art lens, the work queers expectations of femininity, partnership, dance, drag and romance.

Permission, listening, nurturing. Pink ponchos. Jazz walks. Horse girl romance. Gay dance competition. Bun rubs. Butt smush. Hair everywhere. Hair body. Unsettling femininity.  Tender physical intimacy. Reimagining queer adolescence.

Positively Positive

Positively Positive is a poet, spoken word lyricist, hip hop emcee, educator, youth mentor, song writer, activist who challenges institutions to build bridges for justice. Positively Positive's words and personal thoughts reflect their personal struggles on family issues, social pressures, sexuality, spirituality, HIV/AIDS & more. Their presence and truth inspires people to reach for their humanity. To learn more about my work please visit 

Positively Positive will share three spoken word poems. The first poem will be about asexuality and aromantic identities while navigating the world as a black, queer, HIV+ since birth. Second poem will be about surviving abuse and being accountable to ending violence. The third poem will focus on social justice.

Stasia Coup

Stasia Coup (like “stage a coup”) is a new-ish drag artist who has been developing in Seattle's scene for just over a year. Her work seeks to test out unusual takes on traditional drag, with work ranging from melancholic to magical to mischievous. Stasia excels in experimental dance, MacGyvered couture, and storytelling. She hopes to advance drag as a serious art form, which can be equally poignant and transformative as it is irreverent.

A transmasculine artist meditates on shame, resilience, beauty and grief as he attempts to fall in love with his own uncanny body.

L'Von and Charmaine

Garrett Vance is a drag character actress & musician who plays in the surrealist drag band The Loungettes. He has roots in the Pac NW music scene & dabbles in film scoring, including Drag Becomes Him The Jinkx Monsoon documentary & an original David Lynch Foundation music compilation. Varian Oatman is a German born, Alaskan raised child of African immigrants who moonlights at a 7 foot tall woman named Issa Man. Issa & Varian are fully aware of their platform & make a conscious decision to be as pro black, & more specifically pro black woman as possible with their drag. 

Seattle drag performers Mae Flood (as Charmaine) & Issa Man (as L'Von) serve up a surrealist, darkly comic televangelism sermon. They're the best of friends and have a shared past that's heavily doused in sin, but they're 2 months into the religious life and determined to make the most of it! With a few stumbles along the way.

Sam I'Am

Sam I'Am (they/them) is a nonbinary theater maker, performance artist & Drag King. Two time Bumbershoot performer & playwright of They/Them the Musical, Sam is committed to new forms of authentic storytelling, primarily creating art within their Queer community. They plan to travel the US in 2020 performing out of a tiny home they built themselves. Social handle: @mxsamiam.

"New Body, New You" is a fierce new fitness class taught by Richard Simmons' Transgender Drag Son: Sam Simmons (played by Sam I'Am).

About the Co-curator
Matt Aguayo, alternatively known as Angel Baby Kill Kill Kill in Seattle’s thriving drag scene, believes in the myriad possibilities of dynamic gender expression. A graduate of Cornish College of the Arts, Matt’s work seeks to unify both the professional theatrical and nightlife communities through investigating the limits and benefits of each space. Utilizing training in clown, burlesque, and biomechanics, they hope to blur the line between studied performance and irreverent entertainment.

Performance Lab is a continuation of OtB's longstanding commitment to showcasing works-in-progress by artists from across the Pacific Northwest. Artistic risk is a cornerstone of OtB's mission & values: supporting new works by artists from our community is one of the most important ways we manifest this commitment. Each Lab includes a Q&A with the artists, who discuss their pieces and processes with the audience and each other.