Dayna Hanson

The Clay Duke
Dec 5 - 8, 2013

Dayna Hanson

$20 • BUY TICKETS Merrill Wright Mainstage Theater

Hope springs from unlikely sources in The Clay Duke, a dance/theater piece that blends details of a fateful school board meeting, Chekhovian suicide and Charles Bronson's on-screen vigilantism. Hanson’s idiosyncratic choreography, found text and original music combine to explore the last moments of a Florida man whose warped logic drove him to seek revenge. Featuring a stellar cast of Hanson regulars including Wade Madsen, Sarah Rudinoff, Dave Proscia, Peggy Piacenza and Thomas Graves of Austin-based Rude Mechs.

Acclaimed choreographer, performer and director Dayna Hanson has an illustrious history in Seattle dance. As the co-artistic director of 33 Fainting Spells she helped put Seattle on the global map. Since then she has created two evening-length performances (We Never Like Talking About the End and Gloria’s Cause, both co-commissioned by On the Boards), founded the band Today!, and filmed the much lauded Improvement Club (inspired by the making of Gloria’s Cause), which premiered at the SXSW Festival in April 2013.

Commissioned and supported through On the Boards' Performance Production Program.


*Please note the use of haze, smoke and strobe lights during this performance.
Dayna Hanson | Gloria's Cause

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