zoe | juniper

Mar 27 - 30, 2014

zoe | juniper

$20 Merrill Wright Mainstage Theater

“visual wizardry, brilliant dance” – Seattle Times

Local wunderkinds zoe | juniper head in a new, streamlined direction as they explore new technological methods for setting and triggering their raw tableaux of movement and stage design. BeginAgain forces different perspectives for dance on a proscenium stage using two juxtaposed video screens, the physical interruption of the normally flat dance space, live body casting, Shuey’s futuristic video and Scofield’s intense, primal choreography. Scofield’s formidable technique is matched by dancer Ariel Freedman (Batsheva Dance Company, Kidd Pivot). BeginAgain features gorgeous, large-scale set design from paper artist Celeste Cooning, and music from Morgan Henderson (Blood Brothers, Fleet Foxes) and sound designer Julian Martlew.

Zoe Scofield and Juniper Shuey began their careers at On the Boards with the 2005 NW New Works Festival. Since then they have developed and premiered three evening-length performances and launched international tours. For BeginAgain they have engaged in a series of open residencies – No one to witness or adjust, no one to drive the car – at the Frye Art Museum, City Arts Festival, Velocity Dance Center and other venues nationwide to lay the groundwork and investigate new modes of creating dance.

BeginAgain was commissioned and supported through On the Boards’ Performance Production Program.

*Please note the use of haze during this performance.

**This performance will be filmed for OntheBoards.tv Friday, Mar 28, 2014. Please email TV@ontheboards.org for more information.