Alain Buffard

Baron Samedi
May 8 - 11, 2014

$25 • BUY TICKETS Merrill Wright Mainstage Theater

The fiercely political music of Kurt Weill channels the Haitian Vodou spirit of disruption, debauchery and resurrection in this stunning work by late Parisian choreographer Alain Buffard. Eleven Weill masterpieces are sung live in German, English and French by triple-threat performers hailing from Rwanda, France, Ivory Coast, South Africa, and the USA. The ingeniously designed set, Buffard’s muscular choreography and the razor-sharp music work to create an uneasy carnival atmosphere where power roles are in constant flux.

Alain Buffard, a former Alwin Nikolais dancer, began making work for stage and film in 1998. His performances –alternately described as cheeky, tender, scathing and droll – create singular and surreal worlds on the stage that offer new perspectives on our contemporary world. Although Buffard’s work is well known across Europe, his grander spectacles have not had much exposure in North America until recently. Buffard passed away in December 2013 after battling a long illness. After his death, French Minister of Culture Aurélie Filippetti noted his huge impact as a dancer, poet, choreographer and director who “constantly pushed the public to question their view of a human being”.