11/12 Season | 12 Minutes Max
Apr 8 - 9, 2012

Tickets $8 Studio Theater

12 Minutes Max is curated by Markeith Wiley  (dancer and choreographer/artistic director, The New Animals) and Leah Vendl (movement artist & graphic designer)

Dysprosium Bond is a Vancouver, BC-based dance company making their Seattle debut in 12MM. Using only breath and balls-to-the-walls dance, this trio takes the audience on a viscerally captivating journey. (Dance)

Seattle theater dignitaries James Cowan and Paul Budraitis band together as Splinter Group for the next phase of The Salesman is Dead project, a one-man journey into the indefinite world of Willy Loman. (Theater)

Dancer/choreographer Devin McDermott pairs with musician/composer Seth Garrison as the two build off of one another using techniques common in both movement and sound – reversal, repetition and accumulation – to create an imaginative landscape occupied with abstract textures and tones. (Dance / Music)

Six dancers move through fragmented structures, sense memory and abstracted narratives in A Palace of Matchsticks choreographed by Sarah Butler.  (Dance)

Danny Long shares an excerpt of The Blood, depicting ways the black church has taken advantage of gay men and the struggles one must endure to have a relationship with God and self. The Blood will perform in its entirety as part of the CD Forum’s Creation Project showcase in early May. (Dance / Theater)

Two members of the improv troupe Quiet Monkey Fight, Shawn Kemna and Dan Finkel, take on the language of Samuel Beckett and Tom Stoppard as they improvise a scenario inspired by the Theater of the Absurd.   (Theater)

Elana Jacobs | CabinFever
confronts the fragility of the heart using capricious movement phrases, a jingle by a car mechanic, a mini-trampoline and a fur coat.  (Dance)

Chicano family politics are fodder for Gerald Alejandro Ford’s new multi-character solo show about a Latino cyber-nerd who gets caught between his own dreams and not wanting to let his overbearing family down. (Theater)

About the Curators

Markeith Wiley
is the Artistic Director of The New Animals, and co-founder of Stitch Movement Collective. He recent premiered the sold out evening length performance of The Council choreographed and directed by Wiley at the Annex Theater on Capitol Hill. Markeith is currently working on a new duet in collaboration with Calie Swedberg that will premiere at the BOOST dance festival on March 23-24. You can see him performing with Lingo Dance Theater at OtB’s NW New Works Festival in June.

Leah Vendl is a movement artist and graphic designer from Fort Collins, Colorado. She has worked with the University of Puget Sound's Repertory Dance Group and with Stranger Visual Art Genius Susie J. Lee. She is currently the Communications Intern at On the Boards and is working with Vanessa DeWolf on SCORE FOR AN UNREHEARSED ENSEMBLE which will appear in the 2012 NW New Works Festival this June.