Fundraising Events

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Virtually Spectacular - April/May 2021


Previous Funderaisers

OtB TV 24 Hour Telethon - March 2021

  • Our PBS-styled Telethon features lots of laughs, music, dance, and interviews with artist. We raised $20,000 in order to upgrade our streaming sevice, and make it available completely free to everyone, everywhere, during the month of April 2021. ART FOR ALL APRIL


A Very Pandemic Valentine's - February 2021

  • In the midst of the a pandemic, we turned our space into a romatic getaway for two!


End of Year Letter - December 2020

  • Betsey Brock our Executive Director, and Rachel Cook our Artistic Director co-wrote a heartfelt letter summaries the ups and downs of 2020 at OtB. Our appeal compelled over a hundred people to donate a cumilative sum of neary $66,000. Thank you to all who contributed generously.


Giving Tuesday - November 2020

  • The Tuesday after Thankgiving, nearly a hundred generous donors helped us raise approximately $6,500 -- giving us plenty to be thankful for!


The Future is 0 - October 2020

  • We teamed up with the likes of this satiracal distopian gameshow to raise around $5,500, thanks to 93 generous donors!