You're not lame, Sweetie. You just don't know what people really want. Feb 15, 2007

by Betsey Brock

They want gifts and prizes! Right? I no longer feel a need to sing an introduction song, but if I have my druthers, there will be audience gifts. Nothing big. Just something nice. Like a beer. Or a new key ring. Or a pet rock! Maybe Eric won't even have to know. Maybe I will just sneak them in - and between you and me - you might find something awesome under your chair. I am really excited about this weekend. Yesterday, I was walking through the museum and, well, I just had to give Ben Miller (of Eagle Quest) a hug. I think that he will end the evening's performances on just the right note to send them out the door and over to Ozzie's (Ozzy's? Ozzie's) for Journey-hollering. Hey - the Stranger Suggested us. (I'd link, but it seems like L'etranger's server's down for the moment.) Yeah! Thank you Brendan Kiley, thank you. I think Rachel and Sierra will be flattered that you think they're so hot.