YOUARENOWHERE: Volunteers needed Sep 20, 2018

Volunteers needed for Andrew Schneider’s YOUARENOWHERE (Oct 18-20) [trailer]. YOUARENOWHERE is a fast-paced existential meditation that shuttles between quantum mechanics, pop culture, and personal revelation. It transforms the performance space and short-circuits preconceived notions of individual perspective and what it means to be present.

Based in Brooklyn, Schneider writes and performs original performance works, builds interactive electronic art works and installations, and was a member of the Wooster Group company (video/performer) from 2007-2014. HIs critically-acclaimed work investigates our over-dependence on being perpetually connected in an always-on world.

For YOUARENOWHERE we’re looking for volunteers of varying age, race, size, and gender to support the production throughout its run, Oct 18-20. For more information or to express interest please email Clare Hatlo, Associate Producer at