Wynne Greenwood Apr 16, 2009

by Tania Kupczak

I am NOT sure I'd recommend it to any friends that I can think of , but I was really into it. I've been thinking a lot lately about how to engage in the present moment   and this piece was nothing if not an exercise in the present moment. The CARE that Wynne and Gina take to craft these moments is what I think is so interesting. Not really the moments as they play out into a story - or the way they look on stage - and CERTAINLY not anything about what they mean... Part of what I find refreshing about the piece is that the Meaning felt irrelevant. Inste, the only thing that mattered was how completely the little scenario was being experienced by the performers, and I felt like I could just become the consciousness watching moment as it existed for this girl. I almost never say this, but I think it could have been longer. All that said, I'll add some more critical opinions in case they interest anyone. The sculpture elements: the sleeping sister, the suitcase & the sword were presented in a style that I found NOT interesting in the extreme. I knew (or at least thought I knew) what they were to represent and I took the material/style of them as an indication for me to not think of them literally. So the sister an the suitcase BOTH look like big marshmallows, I guess I think that if the craft   of the sculpture were taken to a level more complimentary to the craft used in the voice (for example) you'd have a more interesting set of objects on stage... I didn't, however, feel that way about the raven (whatever kind of bird it was). Painting it on stage like that gave it a special presence. I can't say why exactly, but it felt like a living thing... The video - The idea of having a television as a part of this brain-scape seemed to make good sense but the content (abstract fabric images/painted face) was, well, I just couldn't figure out how to bring those aspects into the whole composition... The musicality was exciting at first but I was   underwhelmed ultimately. It seems like it could have gone further. Anyway, the whole style and big ideas were really cool. - Evan