When art speaks well about art Apr 29, 2011

by Josef Vascovitz

As a commissioned work, Catherine Cabeen's Into the Void is a smart choice for OtB, especially as the theatre season winds down.  First it's a beautiful blend of music and stagecraft, with exquisite (ly performed) dance gracefully stepping through a narrative about art.  When art speaks well about art , it finds a way to reexamine even your most steadfast assumptions.  Coupled with Catherine and her troop's remarkable dance movement- at times she seemed to float through the air like Klein's famous leap- held motionless against gravity.  Last night's performance was indeed worthy of conclusion to OtB's season, with only one more show to go, this presentation makes you sad that the drama, dance and "art" can't continue year round.  Luckily we have to fill in the gaps and relive Catherine's vibrant performance.

As a complement of limited use... I'd almost recommend seeing Into the Void a second time - blindfolded - just to just hear the music.  Well done CC and Company.  Thanks OtB