What We Imagine Happened Jun 19, 2007

by Tania Kupczak

To my dismay, neither me nor my fellow Implied Violencers were able to get in to the Studio shows on Saturday night. And as we are preparing to take of on a month long tour this coming Wednesday, we had rehearsal on Sunday and could not see the Studio shows then, either. We tried, we failed, and now we imagine...
Liminal Performance Group: my favorite part was when the lovers made it inside of that flaming heart. my eyebrows burned off. Smokin'. And nothing brings attention to a perfect nipple like a lazer pointer!
Helsinki Syndrome: I loved it when Judy was Punched. I don't know about you guys, but I just can't get enough of Piano Man. Bravo!
Hand2Mouth Theater: Way to go! Nothing beats a Billy Ray Cyrus and Journey mash-up. I adored the acid-wash jeans. The karaoke host was so adorable. Is he that guy Kenny who works at Bush Gardens? See you in the next season!
Paige Barnes and The Grizzlies: By far my absolute piece of the evening. How did you teach all of those Grizzly bears to dance?
We are sure that the actual shows were much better than we imagined, but it was fun to think about what could have/might have/could still be!