weighted material burden Mar 30, 2018

by Daemond Arrindell

 Tim Summers)

A response to Material Deviance in Contemporary American Culture by Alice Gosti (Mar 29-Apr 1, 2018) (Photo: Tim Summers)



wait                             wait for the darkness
wait for the darkness to feel like               memory
the ones you carry               but do not remember
behind you                where we put our weight


wait for the bodies to come out
to carry our brief and wondrous moments
our tears and fears, our regrets and missteps


wait for the weighted bodies
to move          around our flashy screens
to cut through our acquaintance chats with artificial intelligence


wait for the weighted bodies
wait for the faded t-shirts and dresses
the ones that lost their sheen after the 23rd wash
that bleached out the rejection
and the ghosting
and that face             with that name


wait for the weighted bodies that make us commonplace
like swap meet         where we be on display
wait for the mirrors and their stories
so unkind to ego and bravado


wait and see our distorted past presenting itself in weighted time
when did you cut yourself loose
when did you chain yourself back up
do you feel deserted
turn around
turn again and come full circle
wait and see what you have left behind


does being weighted make you want to scream
we were once bright shiny new
now we are misfit toys        waiting
to be tossed out with the Tuesday trash


been waiting and still have not realized
you are not your car
nor the trash you throw
nor the teddy bear you hold tight still


surrender to the questions
              who do you lean on
              who holds you up
              who holds you back


say goodbye to the burdens of carrying
see the body as treasure
not a placekeeper for burden


say goodbye
to the memories weighing us down
to the weight
to wait
to the waiting
and the darkness



Daemond Arrindell is a poet, playwright,  performer, and teaching artist who is moved most by art that challenges the status quo.


On the Boards Ambassadors are cultural and civic leaders who bring new voices and perspectives and share our programs with new communities. 

The Ambassador Writers Corps is a team of experienced writers and artists who develop responsive and critical content around On the Boards performances or write about specific issues in our creative and civic community.