Way Cool Jun 15, 2014

by Dylan Ward

Last night I attended the mainstage show at Northwest New Works, and just like last week, I saw many things.


David Schmader 

I only think I’ve ever heard Schmader on the radio; or perhaps the lilt of his voice lends me to falsely remember this. Indeed the lilt and practice of his voice is what he was calling attention to in his subject matter and the matter of his subject. With repetition and improvisation he assures us that he is in utter control. And then a special guest appears, who somehow brings the whole thing to a moralistic sense. 


Tectonic Marrow Society

Coleman Pester and his dancers have drawn a line between three points. The structure in the middle of the stage already splits the playable area into a series of triangles while the audience is observed closely. A monolith, an audience, and the performers. Patterns emerge within the dance, there are tasks being completed; the faces of each dancer betray a child-like nerdiness in solving math problems.



This was so awesome. I remember midi trumpets and bad text layovers in motivational videos and I loved them. And here, I love these guys, asking me to tell them what I’m good at, although I think one of them spoke to me but I wasn’t sure so I didn’t say anything but the person in front of me spoke so I think they were talking to them so I was a little relieved and disappointed. I felt better about myself.


Molly Sides

The piece is a personal piece and its not afraid to be a personal piece because its about her father. There are flashes of grief and joy in song, amidst stars and sperm and DNA. The entire body is moved and it moves in one single direction.


Each of these pieces inspired me to think of calculation in some way. Calculating the voice, geometry, positive feelings, or a pure expression of loss and brevity. 



Way cool.