Visit OtB's friends to the South - PICA's TBA Festival Sep 7, 2010

by Jessica

This weekend is the kickoff for Portland's inimitable Time Based Art (TBA) Festival. Run by the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, the festival shares a lot of ties with OtB. Some notable OtB alumni will be there in the next two weeks (The Wooster Group, Nature Theater of Oklahaoma and John Jasperse Company), a few performances in our 10/11 season will be running (Dayna Hanson and Radosław Rychcik) AND team OtB will be there to show the film of THE SHIPMENT by Young Jean Lee's Theater Company on a big screen and run a panel on performance and the internet.

It's a great time to check out some art. Read The SunBreak's preview of the festival to see why we're so excited to head down to Portland.