Upcoming 12 minutes max, baby! Oct 1, 2007

by Nancy

So... 12mm is about to kick off it's 2007/2008 season and we're not kidding, SugarShorts, the premiere episode is gonna blow your stemcells, implode your mind, and make you wanna dance and sing and shake and shout! An incredible pile of talented people auditioned and we could easily have pulled off a 6 + hour "Gatz" length show, however Sean (Mr. Control Freak) Ryan quickly talked us down, and forced us to embrace the painful process of elimination. It was a bloody back and forth battle to be sure, but the end result is a dyno-mite lineup. You like dance? We got it! Sweet and haunting original music played on a gameboy? Check! Funny theatrics? Bingo! Super tall puppets that aren't creepy and weird? Uh huh! The list goes on, PLUS we'll be serving delicious audience treats! It all happens Sunday & Monday, October 7 & 8. We'll be there. Hope you are, too. --Nancy Guppy, Co-curator