(un)Usual Beauty Jan 29, 2014

by Spark Awesome

Swirling forward, the performers push their bodies toward the audience with the momentum of a wind storm. What I see: Assertion. Aggression. Androgyny. The women that rule the atmosphere.

I see women in heels, their bodies impressively ripped, their fluidity rippling across their skin like water. Normal interactions re-cast as strange.
And once I’ve seen the cast half-naked, shifting through states of undress, my mind wanders back to the movement itself. Free to experience the sound, the light, of a body without wondering what is hidden.

This is a line of dialogue from an imaginary film in Frédérick's head. That usually beauty fails.

So usually beauty fails?

The women are holding the men, who leap into their arms, and into stillness. They hold their weight, in high heels, without apparent strain. Expressions of stability and power.

It feels like Montréal. Gritty refinement. Beauty, danger. And other contradictions.
Frédérick Gravel talks about the difference between time and money. “If you lose money, you might find some again,” he says. “The time you spend with us, you can never have back,” he explains into the microphone, in the pauses between songs.

It’s good to put beauty onstage and rough it up a bit.

Because it is so easy to fail to be understood or even perceived. Because inelegance is required. Like rough heaving breaths after a performance, the push towards beauty leaves a mark, it leaves evidence.