Untitled Beautiful Human Show Apr 5, 2013

by Eric Pitsenbarger


I like the title of this piece: Untitled Feminist Show. Feminism in our culture is a subject so immense and with such diverse meaning…with galactic applications to the human condition that to name something so all encompassing seems to me a rare bit of cheek and tellingly sweet. The paradox is funny to me. Slap a snarky title on a loaded subject that at once confuses (Untitled), and self references, causing one to loop around and fill in the blank. It challenges me to create my own title and open myself up for an education. The show's not even begun and with this enigmatic non-title rolling around and the blank canvas of set projecting white noise, I relish my perceived mystery. Once again, at OTB I'm on the edge of insight. 


Humor is magic and says so many things about the messenger. Delightful and unabashed, it's both subtle and blunt as it enters the theater: down the aisle stairs emanating in soft breaths and projecting from the sparkling eyes of the stark naked performers. Yes, everyone's naked and remain nude throughout. You go: "Oh look, they're naked" and then it's almost instantly comfortable. They certainly are, how could we not be? To bring this point home we're almost challenged to make peace with our lock-step notion of propriety as they maneuver across the stage, personalities and bodies viewed differently as they observe us, the audience, taking in their nakedness.


What will happen next!? What can they possibly do now? No set, no clothes…and they don't even really speak. Not with words per-se, but a bit of miming, gesture, some beautiful dancing…a lovely song, rolling series of 'stories' acted out to illustrative soundtrack. It becomes a rather euphoric group catharsis and by the end, we're all up on our feet dancing as well! I swear to gawd, if anyone next to me in the front row had even indicated they might doff their clothing, I'd also be nekid in a NY minute! I wanted to share in the sweet, loving nonchalance and ribald humor of jiggly nakedness that this amazing show champions. The humor of bouncing boobs segued with the poignancy and wealth of the human experience, fierce strength and humility, inspiring grace and refreshing directness.