A Transparent Journey Mar 22, 2013

by Kyle Loven

Lighting. Illumination. How do we, as the storyteller, illuminate/reveal/share information? How do we, as the listener/viewer process that shared information? And how to we deal with that information we've processed? Do we need to see something in order to feel it?


I'm just out of How to Disappear Completely, and thinking about the act of storytelling, about sharing, and about memory. In the little I read about the show before attending, I knew that it was a lighting designer recounting his personal interactions with his dying mother. I was really curious to see how these two different worlds (the professional and personal worlds of Itai) would come together on stage to tell a cohesive narrative. Itai is an incredibly welcoming and generous storyteller. His charm, humor and vulnerability immediately invite the audience in and I felt completely taken care of the entire journey. How the professional and personal worlds overlapped for me was in the transparency with which they were both presented. Itai's theatrical lighting tutorial and behind-the-scenes manipulating of on stage lights revealed his process as an artist and helped him to illuminate/share his deeply personal story. We saw the wires, the cords, the mother/son conversations behind closed doors. It's all very intimate and personal. The show is also bringing up personal questions about death and personal memory for me, but I'll leave those thoughts off of the internet!

And for those who've seen the show and didn't already look it up themselves, attached is an image of a Dugong. I know. Oh, and that sunrise moment- Beautiful!