Top 20 Search Strings for February Mar 5, 2007

by Tania Kupczak

Our webstats OtB popularity contest tells us that for the third month in a row, Steve Cuiffo of The Foundry Theatre is holding steady at #10... 1. on the 2. on the boards seattle 3. boards 4. 12 minutes 5. seattle on the boards 6. on the boards seattle wa 7. 8. ontheboards 9. on the boards theater 10. steve cuiffo 11. on the board seattle 12. on the boards theatre 13. otb seattle 14. on the boards theater seattle 15. jessica jobaris 16. pappa tarahumara 17. matthew richter 18. pappa tarahumara three sisters 19. the boards 20. boards seattle What's up, Jessica and Matthew? Better get busy! Prom Queen nominations are just around the corner. Posted by Tania