Thoughts on Frédérick Gravel’s Usually Beauty Fails Jan 24, 2014

by Kate Wallich

Generally I get overly excited to see shows, however, I have been finding recently that my excitement sets me up for some sort of disappointment so yesterday as I was walking into OtB I tried to completely enter as a blank slate, which was hard to do yesterday as I was completely exhausted and a bit bummed that I was flying solo to the show, but regardless I tried really hard….so just to give you some context.  

Here are my thoughts after sleeping on the show:

#34 I love you, you are the most charming, beautiful being I have ever seen.  The solo that you did made me want to cry, it was so necessary at that point in the work… And I love hearing you talk, it was the thread I needed.  The dancers were amazingly strong and clearly physical dancers, like seriously I thought  “jesus christ I want your bod and teach me how to do all of that”, however some of the dancers were just so “dancerly”, like the kind of dancer who really wants to show you what they can do, and how they are doing it, that confidence… I honestly felt uncomfortable at times watching their faces.  It seemed like the men were having such an experience while they were moving, while the women were just putting on face while dancing.  Once it started I realized that this really was an experimental dance/rock music show straight up, there really was no atmosphere or world that I was being taken into, but I mean that is okay…. I just wasn’t transformed by it, but I was mostly entertained the whole time.  I definitely enjoyed what I was seeing, but I craved for a bit more distillation. The music was pretty killer, I was grooving on it the whole time.  The lights were bright and cleansing as fuck, I loved that.