Theatre Communication Group reviews THE SHIPMENT on Mar 31, 2010

by Jessica

Theatre Communication Group's new blog posted a review of the experience of watching a film on The reviewer chose THE SHIPMENT to view since it was a performance she "intended to see while it was running [at The Kitchen in NYC], and never actually did." Here's a little of what she had to say:

Watching THE SHIPMENT on On the Boards was more like watching a live play in a theatre than like watching a taped show on Hulu. There was something fundamentally more challenging about it. Film and TV, material that is "supposed" to be taped, is usually subject to pressures from advertisers, markets and various agencies concerned with naughty language. All of these things take some of the bite out of the finished production. Theatre isn’t free from outside pressures either, but its smaller audiences mean it is freer to work around them. It’s difficult to imagine NBC showing THE SHIPMENT without creating a national uproar.

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