The line does not bend but you remain Feb 3, 2018

by Koushik Ghosh

A response to Tamara Saulwick: Endings (Feb 1-4, 2018 at On the Boards)



Photo: Heidrun Lohr


The line does not bend, 
But the light that your life is,
or was 
Wraps around
that will not let go. 
You remain. 

The end is the end, he says. 
His voice 
From so long ago
Still says it. 
A oral history, mummified. 
His voice, trapped,
Wrapped In substances 
That come from the earths 
deepest recesses. 
The voice says its the end 
Is that all, after all? 

No, she offers. 
You are here now 
And will remain 
As we converse 
Here, now, in the fog 
In the darkness 
In the music. 
The audience 
our witness. 

The line does not bend. 
But the end is not the end.
For You remain. 



Koushik Ghosh is an economist/poet/writer who is deeply interested in transnational issues, and the areas of social choice and justice.


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