Thank you for giving BIG! May 16, 2013

by Lindsay

Thank you so much to everyone who supported OtB in GiveBIG yesterday. It meant so much to have your continued support as we went through the day. Our first donation was given at 3am, and we steadily received gifts until midnight!

We raised $14,742 fthrough GiveBIG yesterday, plus $5,000 from our 2 fabulous matching challenge donors, for a total of $19,742!

Thank you so very much again to our amazing GiveBIG donors: Kai, Betsey, Kyle, Michael, Molly, Anne, Timothy, Jay, Norm, Kathy, Ruth, Tony, Josef, Becky, Rob, Deb, Randy, Michele, Maryika, Tanya, Ellen, Ken, Rebecca, Lauren, Nancy, Rob, Carolynne, Annette, Bruce, Alexis, Ashraf, Shannon, Jeffrey, Pia, Ariel, Stewart, Lisa, Dan, Ella, Davora, Ro, Christina, Norie, Ralph, Lorna, Bob, Jeffrey, Carrie, Tonya, Barbara, John, Shari, Ella, Peter, Jen, Scott, Sherry, Andy, Rachel, Stuart, Audrey, David, Stefanie, Paige, Derek, Leah, Brian, JoAnne, George, Kim, Karena, Ian, Doug, Cheryl. Carmen, Caroline, Ross, Anna, Paul, Duncan, Laura, Michaela, Aaron, John, Emmy, Kirk, Cathy, Andrew, Caroline, Matt, Maren, Terri, Pamm, Pam, Christine, Dale, William, Amy, Shannon, Stan, Tina, John, Tyler, Nancy, Heidi, Spencer, Zoe, Juniper, Paul, John and Montana.

The Seattle Foundation raised over $11.1 million, and their stretch pool grew from $800,000 to $1 million!

Thank you to The Seattle Foundation's GiveBIG's sponsors who helped make the day a success for over 1,400 area nonporifts: The Bezos Family Foundation, Microsoft, Seattle Sounders, Seattle International Foundation, Wyncote Foundation NW, Aven Foundation, BECU, The Boeing Company, Sonya & Tom Campion, Medina Foundation, The Anne Y. Petter Family, Elizabeth Rudoff, Starbucks, Alaska Airlines, John Bates & Carolyn Corvi, Colonial Consulting, The Hayes Family, KPMG, Ann Ramsay-Jenkins, Constance & Norman Rice, Safeco Insurance, Maggie & Doug Walker, Bob & JUanita Watt, and the Friends of The Seattle Foundation!