Tell us what you think about Gloria's Cause Dec 3, 2010

by Jessica

Here at OtB, we’ve been watching Gloria’s Cause develop for quite awhile and have been weighing in with our thoughts. Now we’d like to hear what you think. Here's a sampling of what's come through my inbox this morning:

"I can't say I had any idea why what was happening was happening, but the dancing was top-notch, the music was great, the dialogue was delightful, it had authentically emotional passages, and it was overall a pleasure to attend." - Jeff Bernstein

"Overall, I find Gloria's Cause  to be a performance work with genuine significance and the right kind of provocation.  I'm so grateful to Dayna, Dave and this powerful cast, for rousing my faith in live theater." - Jessica Jobaris

"I really enjoyed the show.  I was quite impressed with the cast versatility, people jumping from acting to dancing to musical player, and showing great talent in all three.  Looking forward to buying the soundtrack album." - Don Simon

"Really fun! Loved lots of the parts (the eagle, the meeting, the "I was born" narration, among others). It got a little disjointed as it went along--maybe some of the ideas should have been left out. 
Definitely would see more by Dayna Hanson, Peggy Piacenza, and Dave Proscia." - Jane Levine

"We were amazed by the dancer's skill range, from dancing & acting to excellent drummers and base players - a very skill full seamless transition.  The band were great, we loved the music.  If  they had a bigger budget....
A very thoughtful and suitable piece for OtB's   - lucky to have them." - Cellene & Charles Graham

"My friend who I brought and I both didn't understand it. Maybe it was over our heads." - charlene Balick

Agree? Disagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments!