TAYLOR MAC Performance Review Dec 14, 2015

by Caitlin Sullivan

By Caitlin Sullivan and Mallery Avidon

Why is it so hard to talk about things you actually like? The catharsis of being recognized gives way to the terror of being seen. 


All I really want to say is GO SEE THIS SHOW

also I miss living with radical faeries they are magical and any time you get to be in their company miraculous things happen

You have one more chance to be a part of Taylor Mac's radical Faerie Realness ritual: do it. 

Things Caitlin said to me during the show: I'm so happy right now

We were gonna go crash a yuppie tech holiday party after but we were too happy from being in Taylor's world to ruin it 

Everything Mallery wrote is true.

I also spent much of the performance hitting her in joyful disbelief. Sometimes silently astonished, mouth agape. Sometimes squealing, cackling, crying.

I was loathe to put my life armor back on. 

Instead we went home and listened to Mississippi Goddam as promised.

This is a show tune but the show hasn't been written yet.

The night was full of Taylor led ritual sacrifice. Of letting go of things we no longer need:global capitalism and patriarchy and god and gender binaries.

Letting go is hard. And so I'm holding tight to the small miracles I witnessed. To the things I (we?) need more than ever. Joy. Endurance. Irreverence. Impatience. Accountability. Care.


Photo: a piece of art by Graham Downing, taken by Mallery Avidon.