PodFest applications are now available! Apr 6, 2011

PodFest is back in 2011. PodFest promotes and responds to new modes of creativity and performance throughout the Pacific Northwest by featuring six new digital performative works in dance, theater and music made through the lens of a camera or computer and viewed through the frame of a monitor.

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Podfest #6 | Randi Courtmanch | Fragments Jun 13, 2010

VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE Originally intended as a "sketch" for a larger work, this piece explores how perceptions can change through shifting fragments of time as well as the ways in which we experience and view varying levels of self.

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Podfest #5 | Adam Sekuler & Shannon Stewart | Water Rights Jun 12, 2010

VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE Conceived of, shot, and edited in one day, Water Rights features the bridge that supports the City of Roslyn's water line. The bridge locks. The film's protagonist is trapped inside and can only be saved by a modern dancer with a suitcase. Music by the Monarch Duo/Eli Rosenblatt.

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Podfest #4 | Open Field | Reality Tunnel #23 Jun 11, 2010

VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE In the future, there is no future. Notice the dystopia.

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Podfest #3 | Karn Junkinsmith | <i>STRIKE</i> Jun 6, 2010

VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE STRIKE is a film poem of an Irish woman from Chicago dancing for vegetation. She is attacked by glass jars. It ends with an historical postcard image of a native woman with her papoose. It begins with pages from SONGS OF THE WORKERS. Here, dance is perceived as illegal by an unseen source, but it is also a rallying cry.

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Podfest #2 | Grace Carter | <i>still</i> Jun 5, 2010

VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE Still employs a secret communication that can only be known to the protagonist. Order is desperately trying to be achieved as a litany of numbers is repeated, implying a formula or idea that she is attempting to resolve but is ultimately unsolvable.

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Podfest #1 | Acacia Marable | <i>3 Cowboy Acts</i> Jun 4, 2010

VIDEO NO LONGER AVAILABLE My alter ego is a cowboy. 3 Cowboy Acts is a short sampling of a much longer documentation of my attempts to learn exactly how to be a cowboy.

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The PodFest application is now available! Feb 17, 2010

It's the return of PodFest, our online showcase of new digital performative works that runs concurrent with the NW New Works Festival. Click here to download the application [Word Doc] Applications are due by April 26, 2010, so start making some art!

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