Seattle Dance City: Just the FAQ's Aug 23, 2017

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Karaoke meets the Muppets Mar 8, 2010

Someone just posted this to the facebook event invite for Speak & Sing  next week: Leprechaunbros That'

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Intermission Impossible - Thu morning round up Feb 19, 2009

A couple things landed in my inbox this morning that ought to be shared.

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The Stranger suggests (or would have suggested)... Feb 16, 2009

...that you come to Intermission Impossible this Friday. Here's the SLOG post saying so. Get your tickets here.

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Intermission Impossible | cabaret in pictures Feb 4, 2009

Sometimes words just don't do an event justice. The following folks will all be part of the cabaret happening before the karaoke madness begins:

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Please SEE LISTEN TASTE FEEL this Saturday night Jan 26, 2009

The Saturday night performance of chelfitsch's Five Days in March is currently sold out, so what should you be doing if you didn't score tickets for that night? SEE LISTEN TASTE FEEL Our friends at Henry Art Gallery are throwing an amazing party. Tickets are $100 and include a lot of goodies: -site specific soundscapes by Zeke Keeble -live music from Orkestar Zirkonium -rare soul and Motown-favorites spun by Emerald City Soul -cocktails

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