Saint Genet is for G's May 17, 2013

So, I thought I would try to get hella drunk and write this but, I couldn’t get as drunk as I wanted to because I just don’t have the will power.  Or maybe Genet would have won (why? I don't know).

If you want to really get into my review, please also listen to this song while you read which I've had stuck in my head for days so it is the background music for my blog, naturally.

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Saint Genet and Artaud's Theater of Cruelty May 14, 2013

I think with a group like Saint Genet, it’s going to be important to have some critically founded ways to consider them and tools with which to distance ourselves or . . . complicate the reactions we have--kind of like a softening of an impact—for which there is a definite potential when viewing a sensational and visceral group such as Saint Genet.

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Beginner's Guide to Saint Genet May 6, 2013


1. Saint Genet keeps it mysterious.  Example: a quote by Saint Genet commenting on their upcoming performances for The Stranger’s 2012 Summer AP guide reads, 

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