HOUSE OF DINAH Dec 9, 2016

Child, what could I say to you
so that you would understand?

This is and is not for you.
Now you say you're lonely.

You've cried the whole night through.
You are invited, of course, but

make no mistake: this house is our house,
not yours. A family is a hierarchy,

a house of strength and knowledge, past and present.
You think you know something? Do you


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Let Me Try to Say IT’S NOT TOO LATE Nov 19, 2016

I just got home from watching Markeith Wiley’s IT’S NOT TOO LATE and my mind is swimming with reactions to the show and to the post-show Q&A—


“Wokeness” especially in light of the recent election results is of a fashion at this point—a moral imperative as performance. Ally theatre. A safety-pin. A t-shirt. A tote-bag.  All signals that are meant to convey: I will not laugh at the wrong jokes. I will not say the wrong thing. I will not be that person. I am not a bad person. 


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