The Gold of Potentiality Oct 7, 2016

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Harold and the little brown mushrooms Oct 7, 2016

poem by Daemond Arrindell, OtB Writers Corps Ambassador

harold has grown up. He calls himself alan now, 

and traded in his purple crayon for little brown mushrooms.

his imagination is still as wild as the blank wall let him be

harold doesn’t draw on the walls anymore, he’s too busy tripping on mushrooms

outside, with his friends - the spirits, and the chicken that lays the [golden] eggs,



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[Ode to] Little Brown Mushrooms Oct 7, 2016

Review by Michelle Peñaloza, OtB Writers Corps Ambassador

Alan Sutherland’s Little Brown Mushrooms is part inside joke, part memoir-dreamscape, part praise poem, part science lesson, part how-to, naturalist lecture, part self-help lesson, part life affirmation, and part Public Service Announcement on the merits of psychedelics, experimentation, and the outdoors.


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