Pseudonyms and Skepticism: My Date With a Stranger for Frace/Yousefzadeh's The Life Model Jan 20, 2016

My third date with a stranger almost didn't happen.

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The Square is the World. Jan 19, 2016

At the apex of The Life Model, Henry – one of the piece’s key characters – takes himself though an internalized and aesthetic mandala of his sense of the artistic sacred which shocks him into the realization that what’s absent in his portraiture work is the animating force of the revolution out there. “The square is the world” with revolution at its center.

Outside of the square, I map some  of the symbols presented in this play.

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Forest Forever Blossom Jan 19, 2016

Forest forever blossom!

lean into the foil.
The tariff of cultures extolling
screams at vanilla skies.

                       We were screaming at Vanilla skies
against the denigration
                 of order & justice.

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The Will to Life – and Art Jan 15, 2016

If, one day, the people wills to live
Then fate must obey
Darkness must dissipate
And must the chain give way
And he who is not embraced by life’s longing
Evaporates into its air and fades away
Woe to one whom life does not rip


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<3 Jan 15, 2016

Here I gush on Jeffrey Fracé, whom I will not burden with sainthood, but whom I like the same.  The performance this evening is a collaboration between many artists; this blog entry hopes not to do them disservice but it comes from the heart to Jeffrey Fracé, from a person. 

As much as it might drive him crazy to hear it, I still want to be Jeffrey Fracé when I grow up.

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