Mike's Song List for Speak & Sing Tomorrow! Mar 16, 2010

"Mike, what songs are you going to sing tomorrow at Speak & Sing Contemporary Karaoke Practice with Eric Fredericksen?" "Good question, Mike.

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Speak and Sing: The Practice of Everyday Living Mar 11, 2010

So I asked Eric Fredericksen, host of next week's Speak & Sing at On the Boards on St. Patrick's Day for any information he can divulge for what will happen or what we can do to prepare for his lecture.

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Songs to drink and sing to Mar 10, 2010

In case you're interested in leading the crowd through an Irish standard or a drinking song at next week's karaoke event, we've put together a quick list so that you can get to practicing. Write down the songbook numbers (in parentheses) or watch the  linked videos  before Mar 17  to prepare! Irish Standards: Wearing of the Green (5234-2)

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Karaoke meets the Muppets Mar 8, 2010

Someone just posted this to the facebook event invite for Speak & Sing  next week: Leprechaunbros That'

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Last night at Speak & Sing... Nov 19, 2009

Amy O with back-up dancers
Amy O'Neal belts out "Everything She Wants" with support from some very enthusiastic back-up dancers. Click on the photo for more images from the event on our Flickr page.

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Nights in White Satin, or Eric Fredericksen + You Will Speak and Sing this Wednesday! Nov 13, 2009

After performing and then working at On the Boards, I have to say that the amount of karaoke I have done has increased about 600%. Which is why I am so excited for Speak and Sing on Wednesday! Some fond OtB memories for me include jamming into Seattle's Best Karaoke (SBK) with Hand2Mouth Theatre, then with Linas Phillips and Co.

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The Big Deal Oct 15, 2009

If you regularly read this blog, you know On the Boards is the place in Seattle to see the best in contemporary performance. The Inter/National Series brings just that - performance groups from outside Seattle, giving locals a taste of what's going on outside of our city. Some of these groups have never presented in Seattle, some are making a welcome return, and some may never come back. These opportunities are HUGE - for artmakers and art spectators alike - the best in the world here in your backyard. You either see it, or you don't. And you definitely don't want to miss it. The very same can be said of On the Boards' NW Artist Series which starts this week with Reggie Watts | Tommy Smith - Transition. Where do you think superstars of the performance world started? On the local level. And On the Boards is doing their part to showcase up-and-coming artists with roots in the Pacific Northwest region to present what is the future of contemporary performance - theater, dance, and music. Here's why you shouldn't miss it...

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Karaoke meets Lecture - coming soon to OtB Oct 14, 2009

What makes this man:

eric f

turn into this man:

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Meatloaf serenade Mar 17, 2009

Anne Gridley from Nature Theater of Oklahoma gets down with Lane at Ozzie's, post-show. NTOK is the latest in a series of karaoke-lovin' companies to come visit OtB.

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Flashback | Karaoke with the cast of Gatz Jan 2, 2009

Jim Fletcher - about to take to the OtB stage in Lasagna - made his first appearance here as Jay Gatsby in Elevator Repair Service's Gatz. Unwinding with the company after each 7 1/2 hour show was always an experience, as evidenced by this photo from their final night of karaoke at Ozzie's.

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