A poem for 'Black Bois' May 1, 2018

 Naomi Ishisaka)

A response to Dani Tirrell: Black Bois (Apr 26–29 at On the Boards) (Photo: Naomi Ishisaka)



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A response to In a Rhythm Mar 22, 2018

 In a Rhythm

A response to In a Rhythm by Bebe Miller Company (Mar 15-18, 2018) (Photo: Robert Altman)



the separation
of gray matter
against white

hollows the eyes
of watchers chuckling
against black.

the separation
of black skin
against white


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Sideways: A Review of A Great Hunger By Jessica Jobaris Mar 20, 2017

We compose ourselves 


Adjacent to intimacy.


Shudder white against

Authentic skin undone.


Humor covers honesty

In shades of


Tension chaotic bliss 

Found pleasure between 


Our own thighs.



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