And Another Thing: KUOW's Marcie Sillman on Clear & Sweet Oct 24, 2016

KUOW's Marcie Sillman writes on Clear & Sweet performance at her blog, And Another Thing...

More than a year ago, Zoe Scofield and I sat down at her kitchen table to talk about the power of art. I’d been chasing an ephemeral scrap of an idea for months; how art functions as a conduit to the divine, to a state of grace, if you will. I thought Scofield might have some insights.

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Places of Common Oct 22, 2016

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Stand in the Middle Oct 21, 2016

Response from Natalie Singer-Velush, OtB Writers Corps Ambassador


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Zoe | Juniper Ekphrasis: Strength and Grace But Why // Studies in Vulnerability by Michelle Peñaloza Oct 21, 2016

Response from Michelle Peñaloza, OtB Writers Corps Ambassador

Place your feet upon my chest                       leap forward blind

Stop stop stop              get it right, her therapist’s here


let’s begin again

            the fourth border: a cylinder refracted in fringe


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