Is this love | By Writer in Residence Claudia La Rocco Jun 7, 2016

Is this what ____ is, she wondered, this always waiting and never being able to read the instructions. The lights always stay on for too long, go down too quickly. The people do inscrutable things. Is this love is this love is this love she chants to herself, counting the words out on her fingers and stopping when she gets to the pinky on the right word. The hip of the woman next to her is oozing into her own hip. When she twisted her neck down and to the left, it satisfied her with an ominous cracking jolt, something felt more than heard.

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this girl who by Writer in Residence Claudia La Rocco Jan 21, 2016

this girl who

red smoke stacked on top of the ink pool//airplane window layer cake

will I get to you before the setting sun?

(these & other maudlin questions occur. the woman gets out of the car, adjust her hair, adjusts her skirt.)

you could take it to the bank, Lane, you really could.


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DIY Holiday Card from Claudia La Rocco Dec 4, 2015

OtB Writer in Residence Claudia La Rocco has created a DIY holiday card just for you. Download, print, fold and send to family and friends during this season. 


Read more about Claudia and her Writers in Residence at OtB.


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AUDIOGUIDE – "I Gave You My Attention" Writer-in-Residence Claudia La Rocco Nov 19, 2015

self-portrait by Claudia La Rocco


Your hands do this, do that
Unwinding the wire, the fabric unwinding
Rise up

Why would it be better if we knew?
Knees crack        the boy was feral
He held it, took it from us


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AUDIOGUIDE: "Just Go For It, Go For It" – Writer-in-Residence Claudia La Rocco on Findlay//Sandsmark Nov 19, 2015

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