Journal Movie Night: Americana Kamikaze Oct 5, 2011

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Live Design interviews Temporary Distortion's video designer Feb 5, 2010

William Cusick, the man behind the stunning film used in Americana Kamikaze on, was recently interviewed at Live Design  about the concept behind the integrated film used  in the performance. Here's a tidbit from the article:


Read More trailers Jan 22, 2010

We've started uploading our trailers and such to a brand-spanking-new YouTube account! Click on the photo to see what we've put up so far: temporary distortion2 [Image from Temporary Distortion's Americana Kamikaze - now available on

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More pictures from the panel at PS122 Jan 12, 2010

Here are a few more images from a panel discussion that we hosted at PS122 to discuss the swiftly approaching launch of Many thanks to PS122 and their incredible staff for having us!

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