Allen Johnson's triumphant return to OtB Feb 15, 2007

We are super-excited to announce that Allen Johnson will be back at OtB with a special one-night-only reprise of Another You on March 16th. Since premiering at OtB and PICA in the fall of 2005, the show has travelled to Iowa, Leipzig, Berlin, Frankfurt, New York City and just finished an amazing run in Glasgow, Scotland.

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Allen Johnson: "Another You" gets Another Review Jan 31, 2007

Allen's show was mentioned in an Under The Radar review in Variety! posted by Sara

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On the Road with Allen Johnson Jan 11, 2007

Allen Johnson’s solo performance Another You is back on the road again. Premiering in last year's Northwest Artist Series here at OtB and the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art’s (PICA) Time Based Art Festival to much acclaim, Johnson’s show has gone global. Just returning from a three city tour in Germany in early December, Johnson, and crew (sound designer Justin Gerardy, lighting designer Michael White, & director Sean Ryan) met up for a few rehearsals in early January to gear up for Johnson’s upcoming performance at The Public Theater’s UNDER THE RADAR.

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Allen Johnson | <i>Another You</i> Nov 17, 2005

Transferred from our blog archive at ArtsJournal Nov 17, 2005 Re: Gift by Annie Wagner I know you didn't mean "splinters" literally, Bret, but I'd say Johnson's bits of narrative are more like uncrackable nuts. They seem modeled on koans or parables without referent--they're not so much partial as they are hard and self-contained. The square of light and boxing ring-style blocking (feint, circle, feint) mirror his circular narrative style. If this is truth, it's the kind that doesn't easily give up its meaning.


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