Sustenance in exemplar Nov 15, 2013

by Eric Pitsenbarger

A bare stage holds such promise. The mystery of place that speaks of many stories and much work, the slicing random patterns of many feet skidding across the stage, the scaffolding and lights, framing curtains all drawing my attention to the energy hovering within. Without embellishment, an empty stage advertises confidance that the performance will be rich enough on its’ own, large enough to provide every sustenance. 


Enter Cedric with his dance bag and water bottle, a dancer’s life instantly profiled in his walk, comfortable workout clothes and simple gear. Taking his spot, he gathers the energy of this moment and then proceeds to unfold a mushrooming first person document of a life grounded in passionate zeal to perform. An exploding panoramic lecture-demo testimonial to the proof of a dancer’s world. The frame of space once empty and waiting has instantly become an elegant cameo as I’m convayed by Cedric’s deft storytelling, expert, purloined examples of choreography and the burgeoning sense of his struggle to communicate past percieved limitations. A rich life elegantly displayed and more than filling up this glimmering space. 


Cedric’s placid face belies the transforming heavy toll of experience he talks about and in reenacting movement from the various repritoire (fine beads of sweat gathering on his forehead), I’m given a visceral, dramatic, empathetic and transcendent experience. I also cannot help but to now be more aware of my own personal experiences in life, as someone who struggles with the details and the will power to continue. Cedric’s example presentation of gathering together the finer points and aspects of his life (renforced by obvious strengths), has re-introduced me once again to the concept of regeneration. 


A clever turnaround occurs towards the end where we, the audience are gathered together effortlessly into the scope of storytelling, which further encompasses the breadth of this fascinating and brilliant production.  Nutritious and sustaining beyond it’s origins. This should be required viewing to every dancer / performer headed towards a career. So amazing.