Sunday morning emails about Rabih Mroue Jan 22, 2012

by Jessica

Here are some of the emails I woke up to this morning about yesterday's performances of Looking for a missing employee. And remember - there's a new show by Rabih Mroue tonight


UPDATE: here are a couple more from the afternoon:

Dearest On the Boards,

What a supreme treat to be the holder of season tickets this year. Not only did I purchase the Northwest Series, but also the International and it has been an honor to witness the talent, genius and raw expression of the artists you have brought to Seattle. (Yes, it's a plug, on my own advisement to other's who have yet to do so - get season tickets!)

Mroué’s performance not only shared compelling insight into the press of his homeland, but his methods for storytelling about a mystery man, his life and mainly his death, were riveting and creative beyond comparison. Displaying subtly and wit, Mroué described a process, somewhat maniacal, of how he tracked this person through the newspaper over a series of months. Ultimately to discover the man has been cruelly murdered and his body desecrated. What is true? What isn’t? In the end it didn’t matter, but this morning I am still thinking. Wondering about what a person’s life means. How families are left with tragedy. How governments are corrupt and money abets in that corruption. How pop culture plays a role in seemingly every society. And how we, the citizens, decide what is most important.
Using several layers of media and reference Mroué told a story. The illustration board was genius in its timelines, graphical index, adjectives of importance and conclusions. The projections of reality, of himself, of the news, all of it, has left me once again confounded at the world I live in. It’s constant flood of images and information.

I am so grateful to live in a town that houses and supports a place like On the Boards.

With deepest appreciation,
Erin Shafkind
Believer, educator, artist, and alum of OtB 12mm

Wow---he is mesmerizing.  The impact at the end (murder/brutal dismemberment, the level of public corruption/intrigue will stay with me.  I was also surprised how much watching the artist on video was more powerful than looking at him directly on stage----I guess it is the ability to have such an extrememd close-up of his face.  I want to come see his second show tonight.


Looking For a Missing Employee is wonderful, original and thoroughly entertaining. Bravo to On The Boards for commissioning work from Mr Mroue. Please invite him to perform again!



loved it! although I am still having a lively discussion with my visiting Lebanese parents from the Beka.

Very provocative! Bravo Rabih. Very proud of you and your hard work. Proud of the truth, the humor, the spirit, and amazing performance. Thank you on the boards.



This performance is one of the best I saw in years. How subversive, elegant, witty, hysterical sometimes, and also profound! I loved the setting. There is not one minute to remove from this performance, everything is meaningful and never expected or tacky. I loved his modesty and artistic posture. 

Bravo to Rabih Mroué for such work! And Thank you to On the Boards for bringing a diverse community of artists



This performance was truly amazing.  I have been to Beirut recently and it is hard to explain to Americans this part of the world.  Rabih Mroue did a better job that I could by following the newspaper reports of the "Missing Employee".


It was incredible, fast-moving and its use of mult-media to tell this story was extremely clever.


Thanks  for a thought-provoking evening.



I loved it. One of my favorite shows in a while.

Funny, lovely, heartbreaking.

Loved the way in which form intersected w story.



Smart, creative story-telling presented as one person theatre.  Rich in a cast of characters that will have you laughing in discomfort at the day to day life in a foreign land. 

With an Infectious smile and mesmerizing gaze  Rabih Mroué is a poetic presence on any stage. Not to be missed.