The SunBreak: Rimini Protokoll Takes on the Game of Life...Choices May 7, 2010

by Jessica

Michael van Baker:
All I knew about Rimini Protokoll's Best Before show at On the Boards (through May 9, tickets $24) was that it somehow involved video-game controllers and would last two hours. This was anxiety-producing for me, a Zaxxon low-scorer, but I needn't have worried; I spent most of the evening with a goofy grin on my face, and giggles and yelps of laughter were widespread. The zany video-game environment of BestLand (a Sim City of life choices) is balanced by a panel of "experts in daily life"--people that Rimini Protokoll found to help more movingly portray the consequences of life choices. They're not actors, though that's never a hindrance (except in the case of avuncular former Vancouver City Councillor Bob Williams, who shares my uh habit uh of "uh"ing too uh often--you people are so lucky this is a blog and not a podcast).
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