Studio Showcase, Weekend 1 Jun 8, 2007

by Tania Kupczak

In weekend one, NWNW Studio Theater showcases four different worlds, and most of them refer to the end of it. After an off the cuff repartee and a distribution of mints to the audience, Ginger Moloko, accompanying herself (himself) on the electric piano, sings her way through the end of the world, with images of Tammy Wynette, Eddie Izzard, and others flashing across a screen. Generally speaking the world sucks and rocks, no matter what outfit she wears. Loved her list of things to do today. Despite the state of the larger world; one must bleach the yard, buy new cats, and grind pills, of course. Joe von Appen clutters his world, that is also ending, with embarrassing moments. Funny conversations with "imaginary folk" tells you about the dysfunctional moments of the many characters he plays, including Buddy the dog and the person who will hear him endlessly put his foot in his mouth on the answer machine. From Baghdad to Mexico, Tikka Sears and the Memory War Project also seamlessly tells stories through several characters. The work is highlighted with electric violin, song, movement and an array of very effective and interesting visuals, including projected cameo silhouettes, a whirling umbrella, and a talking head profile created by light. Ending the evening is tEEth. Mostly, in this work titled Normal and Happy, we saw naked cheeks (and not the ones that surround our teeth). A man in a white tuxedo and his antlered deer friend sit and imagine another world. With some inventive partnering (a la Pilobolus), a bandaged duet and a quartet of rubberized StarTrekian creatures, pound, quiver, thump, gyrate, stamp and wail their way through this fantasy landscape. - Deb Wolf